Waterproofing Services: Foundation Repairs, Basement Leaks & More

Seal-Proof Contracting Ltd specializes in all types of residential, commercial, and industrial waterproofing. We offer Calgary and the surrounding areas over three decades of experience in the following:

Foundation Repairs – Leaks & Structure
Protect your home from water damage with foundation repairs. We fix cracks and other problems to stop water from leaking into your home and causing serious damage. Our structural repairs focus on non-leaking cracks to ensure a solid foundation.
Commercial & Industrial Leak Repairs
It’s not uncommon for parking garages or parkades to have leaks and water damage. That’s why we offer commercial and industrial leak repairs and waterproofing for underground parkades. We cater to high rises, condos, and other large buildings.
Leaky Basement Repairs
Whether you have a finished or unfinished basement, leaks are a problem. Water entering your basement can damage the walls, your personal belongings, and more. Furthermore, moisture in your basement could lead to the development of mould. Turn to Seal-Proof Contracting for professional basement leak repairs.
Internal Weeping Tile Systems
Seal-Proof Contracting retrofits old buildings with internal weeping tile systems. For example a 50 year home might have water coming in through the floor because a weeping tile system may not have been built during the building’s original construction, or, if one is present, age has damaged it. We can put in a brand new system by opening up the floor and running the weeping tile around the outside into a sump pump.

Retrofitting services are usually required for an existing dwelling when water seepage is found throughout rather in just one area.
Sump Pumps
Installing a sump pump in your home can solve most basement flooding and leaking issues. The device is designed to remove water from basements and crawlspaces. Seal-Proof Contracting can install your sump pump to channel groundwater surrounding your home’s foundation into perimeter drain system that is then diverted with drainpipes into the sump pit. Sump pumps only turn on when water inside the pump pit reaches a pre-determined level. This saves you on your monthly energy bill while protecting your home from water damage.
Joint Repair, Caulking & More
Joint repair, caulking, and similar services are available through Seal-Proof Contracting. Ask for details.