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Seal-Proof Contracting Ltd: Waterproofing for Your Home or Business

Water damage to your foundation and basement is a serious issue. Turn to Seal-Proof Contracting Ltd for all types of waterproofing services for new builds and renovations. We handle leak and crack repairs, retrofit old homes with internal weeping tile systems, provide sump pumps, and more. No matter if you’re a residential, commercial, or industrial property, Seal-Proof Contracting ensures a quality waterproofing service every time. We make sure you have nothing to complain about!

Seal-Proof Contracting’s History
Seal-Proof Contracting has been offering quality waterproofing services since 1980. Our first location was in the south of England, but the business has grown and found its way to Calgary. We are family owned and operated, offering personalized and honest service.

Treating each home or business’s water problems as if they were our own, Seal-Proof Contracting does our best to provide solid advice and quality waterproofing at a reasonable price. Your satisfaction guaranteed!

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Promotions and Special Offers

Foundation Repairs
Foundation repairs offered for the building’s lifetime.
(Void if repair attempts were made to fix or alter the problem by do-it-yourself or other party.)

Transferrable Warranty
Our transferrable warranty refers the homeowner’s ability to transfer the warranty to the new homeowner if the house we provided waterproofing services for is sold. The warranty is based on the structure of the home, not the owner.

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